Snowboarding Technique

Snowboarding is all about establishing a stance that you are comfortable with. A few people like to stand with their left foot in the front of the board, while a few others at the back of the board. These positions are called as Natural and Goofy stance. After finding one's stance, the next step is to find the stance width. Stance-width is the distance between the two feet on the board. A few experts suggest that the stance width needs to be equal to the width of the shoulders; however it can be more or less depending on a rider's comfort and center of gravity. After adjusting the stance-width, comes the stance-angle. Stance-angle is the angle that one's bindings point to keeping the board as the reference place. Angles are usually printed on the snow board. Snowboarding experts recommend angles on 9 for the back foot and 21 for the front foot. This too is adjustable depending on the comfort of a rider.

In the beginning, experts recommend easy moves that will help in getting better. Edging is usually the first move, which involves balancing the snowboard on a slight edge and then moving over this edge by bending the knees a little and rising up on the toes. Next step is skating, where the board is moved on a flat surface. One of the most important moves here is the ability to stop without falling. Stopping needs to be perfected by turning the board toe side of the heel side.



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