Snow Sports Venues

Snow, ice and cold temperature are necessary for snow sports. Many snow sports enthusiasts flock to snowcapped mountains to get away from the harsh summers found in their cities and enjoy winter sports. Snowboarding, skiing, and snowmobiling require snowcapped mountains such as Park City in Utah, Whistler in British Columbia, Zermatt in Switzerland, Val d'lsere in France or Verbier in Switzerland. Ice skiing requires a frozen body of water like a lake, pond or even an artificially made ice rink. An ice rink can be a frozen water body or a mixture of hardened chemicals. Ice rinks of frozen water body can be either naturally frozen or artificially frozen. Artificially created ice rinks have pipes that carry frozen water that keeps the water frozen. The water in the pipes is mixed with antifreeze, so that they do not freeze.

One of the best examples of an artificial ice rink is the Guidant John Rose in Minnesota, one of the world's largest ice rinks. There are a few plastic based ice rinks known as synthetic ice rinks. Ice surfaces are used after every time a round of skaters complete a round of skating. Snowcapped slopes are also capped with artificial snow using snow gun's or snow cannon. Many artificial snow slopes are created in areas with high temperature in indoor ski resorts. These resorts can maintain snow for the rest of the year, inviting people for the entire year. Other snow sports such as sledding require large areas with thick snow.



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