Snow Boarding and Skiing Gear

Snowboarding and skiing involve a rider to slope downhill from a snow covered peak on a snowboard or a ski attached below his or her feet. Snowboarding and Skiing are very popular sports on snow covered mountains and a very popular with tourists.

Choosing a snowboard or a ski might seem simple at first, however with the huge number of choices available, it becomes very multi-faceted task. One has to consider factors such as weight, height, and shoe size, riding ability, skill level, age and even gender. Apart from these factors, snowboards and skiis come in different shapes, sizes and are made up of different materials. Snowboarding and skiing are classified as an extreme sport which attracts a lot of people. Snowboarding, being one of the dangerous sports requires the rider to know its basics and also use the right kind of equipments and gears in order to ensure one's safety. The gear along with posture and stance are very important components which go in to the making of a good snowboarder.

The length of a snowboard is of vital importance is connected to the weight and height of a person. For heavier people, a longer board will be more comfortable. Skis also should be wider in order to support the weight of a person on the snow. For averaged sized people, snowboards and skis that are of the length between the chin and the ground are considered sufficient. Width of a snow board is also dependent on the shoe size of the rider.



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