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Winter is one of the most beautiful seasons, especially when it brings snow and the opportunity for snow sports. For people into snow sports enthusiasts, winter comes as a treat when they can indulge in adrenaline filled snow sports. Many areas are suitable for snow sports throughout the year.

Snow sports, also known as winter sports, as the name suggests are games that are based on ice or snow. There are various snow sports which are basically variations of ice skating, skiing and sledding. Depending upon the preferences, one can pay team sports like ice hockey, bandy and curling or go for individual sports like snowboarding, cross country skiing, bobsledding, skeleton sledding, alpine skiing, snowmobiling, figure skating or ski jumping. A majority of snow sports are high adrenaline filled adventure sports which are very exciting to participate in and to experience the thrilling speed involved. Apart from these action filled sports, there are other casual recreational sports like ice boating, ice fishing, snowball fights and building snowmen, which happen to be the most preferred winter activities for children.

One of the world's biggest sporting events involving various kinds of snow sports is the Winter Olympics which is held once every four years featuring numerous sports like speed skating, figure skating, alpine skiing, cross country skiing, freestyle skiing, biathlon combining cross country skiing and rifle shooting, nordic skiing combining ski jumping and cross country skiing, bobsled, luge, skeleton, slalom, freestyle snowboarding, alpine snowboarding, curling and ice hockey. Apart from the winter Olympics, few other international winter sports events like Asian Winter Games, Winter Dew Tour, Winter X Games and many more that give preference to winter sports.

Most of the modern snow sports like skiing and snowboarding have its origins from the mid-1800s to the late 1900s and is advancing ever since. These snow sports are not only confined to cold regions during the winter when there is natural snow, but are also played on other venues over artificially made snow and ice.

It is not just the professionals who compete in the snow sporting events, but also there are many amateur sporting events, in which a huge number of people take part. Snow sports also contributes greatly to the tourism industry and for a country's economy, with almost all the winter sport resorts becoming jam packed tourist destination for people from all over the world. Some of the important winter sport resorts in the world include the Alps, Appalachian Mountains, Balkan Mountains, Caucasian and Carpathian Mountains, Swiss Alps, Pacific Coast Ranges, etc.


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